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The Journey Academics Model values parent choice while heavily relying on parent input for the educational direction of each child. Each child has unique interests, talents, and academic abilities. Journey Academics allows parents, with the support of a credentialed teacher (Education Specialist), to build an educational program that best suits the whole student and his/her academic goals and personal passions. Students are expected to take personal responsibility for their education, and since parents are responsible for managing their child’s daily educational experience, it is important that parents are prepared to assist their students in meeting the following guidelines:

Attend school five days each week. Learning can take place in a variety of ways.

Expect to spend an average of one hour per day in each subject area. Actual time may vary depending on the ability level of the student and the assignments covered each day/week.
Submit quality work, showing evidence of progress, subject mastery and competency. 
Maintain acceptable behavior in Journey Academics vendor classes or lessons
Email correspondence should be respectful